Terms of Use
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Products and services of MOVE — the online transport academy are provided by ATO Events company. This Terms of use (hereinafter — "the Terms") regulate the use of web-site, and other products and services of MOVE — the online transport academy (hereinafter — "the Services"). As some of the Services are rendered with application of software installed on computer, phone, tablet or other devices, you agree for automatic update of this software, and that this Terms will cover all such updates. Carefully study this Terms, and contact us for any questions. Using our Services, you consent for this Terms, and policies referred herein.

Using products and services by MOVE — the online transport academy

Who can use our Services

You can use the Services only if you possess necessary rights and authorizations for entering into legal agreement with MOVE-the online transport academy, and only in accordance with this Terms and with provisions of the applicable Law. During account creation, you have to provide accurate and complete information, and later, having confirmed its validity for whole period of utilization of specific MOVE-the online transport academy functions.

License extended to you

In accordance with our Terms and policies we offer you limited, individual, not explusive, not transferable and revocable license for usage of the Services. Materials provided within the framework of the Services may be uploaded only for personal non-commercial purposes, safe for when you have obtained written consent for utilization for other purposes from MOVE-the online transport academy. You also consent to create and to use only one account, and not to transfer access or login details to third parties, safe only for the case when MOVE — the online transport academy has consented for otherwise. Utilization of the Services does not entitle you for intellectual property rights for the services or materials used.

Materials Offered

Changes in Materials Offered

MOVE — the online transport academy offers training and materials (further — "the Materials Offered"), provided by trainers and other suppliers (further — "the Materials Suppliers"). MOVE — the online transport academy is entitled to cancel, suspend, adjourn or alternate any of the Materials Offered, and to alternate designation or scope of any assignment, test or other attestation. The Materials Offered are covered with below section "Refuse from Guarantees" and "Liability Limitation"

Materials Created By You

User Materials

Using the Services you may provide MOVE — the online transport academy, trainers and / or other users with access to materials created by you, including homework, answers for tests and exams, projects, posts on forums or to other assignments performed (further — "the User Materials"). With above you reserve all intellectual property rights on such materials, and are liable for it

Paid Services by MOVE — the online transport academy!

MOVE — the online transport academy offers paid Services. If otherwise is not indicated, prices are given in US Dollars. You have to timely effect all payments for the Services of MOVE — the online transport academy, and all taxes applied using payment methods associated with respective paid Services. MOVE — the online transport academy reseves the right to alternate amount of any fees at any time at its own discretion. All changes, updates or adjustments come into force directly upon publication through respective services. You may request return of the funds for the paid Services in accordance with our Money Return Policy. Partner universities of MOVE — the online transport academy act as suppliers of distant learning programs, define policies and admission requirements, money returns, training completion and course completion. Nothing contained in this Terms does not limit applicability to you of any policies established by our partner universities in regards to extension of these programs (e.g., student behavioral rules). These polices supplement this Terms, and in case of conflict between these policies and this Terms, as well as between you and our partner university, our partner university policies prevail.

Alteration and Termination of Service Provision

We constantly change and advance our Services. We may add and reMOVE functions and requirements, temporally or permanently terminate rendering of all or part of the Services. Respectively, MOVE — the online transport academy may terminate the Services rendered to you by any reason. If we suspend rendering of the paid Service, you may return money in accordance with our Money Return Policy. We may become unable to render the Services in specific areas or states for different reasons, including to export control regulations, or Internet access restriction by government. MOVE — the online transport academy company, the Materials Suppliers, coaches, participants, contractors, sponsors, and other busines partners and their employees, suppliers and other agents shall not be liable to you for such actions. You may at any time terminate usage of the Services, even we will regret it.

Refuse From Guarantees

The services and all related materials are provided "as is", without express or implied guaranties. Parties of MOVE — the online transport academy do not extend any guarantees, including business applicability, applicability for specific purposes or compliance with third party rights, and guarantees arising from business relations or business practice tradition.

Liability Limitation

To the largest possible degree permitted by law MOVE — the online transport academy shall not be liable for not direct, accidental, actual, indirect or penal losses directly or indirectly lost profit or not recieved revenue, loss of details, operational properties, goodwill or other immaterial assets related to a) your access to the services and its utilization or inability of such access and utilization; b) with materials or action including dishonor, offensive or illegal to any third party, safe for respective parties of MOVE — the online transport academy, or b) due to unauthorized access, utilization or alteration of your materials or information. Under no circumstances total liability amount for all claims in regards to the services shall exceed the large of two amounts below: us dollars twenty (usd 20) or total amount received from you for utilization of paid services during last six months.

You agree that refuse from guarantees and liability limitaiton stated in this Terms represent reasonable and justified risk distribution between the parties of MOVE — the online transport academy, and are necessary conditions for rendering of the services by MOVE — the online transport academy for affordable fee.

You consent, that any claim related to the services shall be handled to court within one (1) year from arising of grounds therefore. Otherwise, such grounds shall be deemed void.

Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The services are rendered by ATO Events, registered in Moscow, Russia. You consent that all disputes related to this Terms will be considered in accordance with the Russian Law, without consideration to collision law norms.

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