Refund Policy
We are entitled to suspend, block or close user accounts that repeatedly breach or are repeatedly accused of breach of copyright, trade mark rights, and of third party intellectual property.

We do not provide refunds for the users, that did not complete the Materials Offered or are not satisfied with their final grade upon expiry of established period.

For Single Purchase of Trainings and Specializations

If you cancel paid registration for specific course, Move - the online transport academy will refund you in full within 14 days from payment or until receipt of course completion certificate by you (whichever occurs first). In avoidance of misunderstandings: you are not entitled for money refund even within 14 days from payment upon receipt of course completion certificate.

Notwithstanding the above, reduced refund timelines may be established for specific courses. Reduced refund period will be indicated during course registration.

All students shall comply with the following regulations:

1. I register only one account (only if MOVE - the online transport academy expressively permits to register additional accounts).

2. I will perform all texts, examinations, projects, homework and other assignments myself (Safe for assignments that clearly permit joint work).

3. I will not provide test, examinations, project, homework and other assignment answers to third parties (except when assignment clearly permits for solution disclosure). This relates both to my answers, and to the answers provided by course staff and by other parties.

4. I will not use any tricks that will help me to enhance my results by fraud, and to enhance or to deteriorate results of others.